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Everyone struggles with money, and money is tied into everything.

So if you’re looking for a dynamic speaker and a topic that's guaranteed to hold the interest of your group—whether it’s small or large—Karen Ramsey is a hands-down excellent choice for captivating your audience.

Karen speaks passionately about how people suffer needlessly over money—how they expend their emotional and physical energy worrying and fretting—when they could be living optimistically and confidently, once they clarify the role that money plays in their lives.

What immediate benefits could your corporation or company gain from hearing Karen’s presentation?

Employees that have long been distracted over money, now become more focused, energized, and productive, as they discard their money burdens for a brighter, healthier view of their financial future.

Karen Ramsey is a Seattle-based author, television and radio personality, fee-only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Practitioner and consultant, and creator of the workshop Caring for Your Soul in Matters of Money®. She is sure to make a maximum impact when she speaks to your audience about money. Read more about Karen Ramsey here.

Give your audience the gift of clarity, hope, and optimism over money. Long after Karen’s presentation is over, her stories, guidance, examples, and tools will have an ongoing impact on your group.

Book Karen Ramsey now for your event, and hear her powerful and moving message. For booking information and other inquiries, please click here.


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