This popular planning workbook...
  ...combines the practicality of budgeting with the inspiration of dreaming. It will help you get your finances under control, so you can start getting what you really want out of life. With the Personal Spending Plan (PSP), you will:
    • Identify your spending patterns
• Develop a plan for spending your money in a way consistent with your goals and dreams
• Realize your dreams while paying your bills
These comments are typical of what people have to say about the PSP:
  "I thought I could never make it work. That was the most frustrating part, I didn't know what to do! NOW I know what to do!"

"I have gained a sense of financial confidence that is based on more than just the balance in my checkbook."

"This planning helped us break out of our mistaken perceptions about our finances, and that has allowed us more freedom and spontaneity in our lives."

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