Most People struggle with money. Are you one of them? Do you feel anxious, frustrated and fearful because you feel you don't have enough money, or that you give up too much to get what you have?
Stop the Stress, Worry, and Pain about Money in your Life, Once and For All
  You truly can. You can end your money pressures forever by applying a few simple principles. In this powerful, breakthrough workshop, developed by financial planning expert Karen Ramsey, CFP®, you’ll discover that you can have a positive, empowering relationship with money that supports your quest to pursue whatever your heart and soul desire.
Achieve A Positive Money Relationship

• Gain insight, optimism, and clarity about the purpose of your life and work
• Name your passion and design a life that nurtures your soul
• Discover and permanently alter your relationship to money
• See how to free your energy and end your suffering about money

Discover Your Money Baggage
  A faulty relationship with money forms around what you observed, heard, and decided in childhood, which becomes your “money baggage”—conscious and unconscious views that weigh you down emotionally and physically, robbing you of your peace of mind in money matters. In this workshop you’ll discover your own money baggage and replace it with a positive new outlook about money. This simple process will enhance your abilities to attract, earn, keep, manage, and wisely spend money.
    “Working hard, long hours was normal in my family. After following this legacy for most of my adult life, I was determined to break out of the mold—and I did! I’ve finally found the right balance between spending time with my family and work.” – W. Titus, Canton, MI

"My husband and I used to avoid conversations about money until we eventually had to, and then we argued. Since the workshop, we don't fight about money anymore." – A. Mark, Victoria, B.C.

"Out of doing this powerful workshop, I now have the freedom to use money to make a powerful difference in the world." – P. Drake, Seattle, WA

“In the workshop, I discovered my money baggage is ‘I’m not smart enough to earn a lot of money.’ The shift for me is that I’ve broken this pattern. I have surpassed my income goal…and I do not have the pressure that I had in past years. This is really a miracle!” – M. Tonoff, Cherry Hill, NJ

Live an Abundant Life
  Experience the relief, joy, and energy of a life filled with passion—free to live, work, and make money according to your soul's purpose.
    “[Now] I [recognize] money baggage in conversations with others all the time, and I want so badly to
spread the message to set them free! The workshop has been transformational for me. I am free to
live an abundant life." – D. Blanford, Dallas TX

“The workshop delivered passion and success into my daily activities by aligning them with the pure potentiality of my soul.” – L. Booker, Mesa, AZ


Once and for all, end your worry, anxiety, and suffering about money. Let us help you take the first steps to your new money relationship. Act now, and register today for our breakthrough workshop, Caring for Your Soul in Matters of Money®.